Too many Anderson’s and Sir Alex Ferguson’s Anderson Dream Team

Posted by - January 13, 2009 - Lists, Liverpool, Manchester United, Oddballs, South America, Transfer News and Gossip

A tale of two Andersons (at least)

Off The Post is hoping Rafa Benitez gets the better of Sir Alex Ferguson, at least in their latest transfer battle, for the sake of an easy life. Both the Man Yoo and Liverpool bosses are reportedly targeting Fluminense defender Anderson in a £3 million deal. While the centre-half would slot nicely into the Liverpool side, at Old Trafford he would line up next to compatriot, erm, Anderson. Commentary confusion is sure to ensue. All of which got us thinking…

Sir Alex Ferguson’s Anderson Dream Team

1. Paul Anderson
2. Anderson Polga
3. Petter Andersson
4. Anderson
5. Russell Anderson
6. Anderson
7. Anderson Silva
8. Daniel Andersson
9. Sonny Anderson
10. Kennet Andersson
11. Andreas Andersson