Wrestlers, rappers and political activists – the mysterious world of Salamon Kalou

Posted by - January 30, 2009 - Chelsea, Lists

The handcuff celebration that’s got everyone guessing

The possible meanings:

1. WWE wrestling
Source: The Guardian
They say: ‘The first part of the routine saw Kalou wave his hand in front of his face a few times, mimicking the gesture that [wrestler John] Cena carries out before he executes his finishing move inside the ring. Kalou, apparently, is a huge WWE fan.’

2. Konvict Records
Source: The Spoiler
They say: ‘The crossed arms gesture was… simply a replication of the design of the Konvict Muzik logo. For those who aren’t cool (or who didn’t just look it up on Wikipedia), that’s a record label that has fifteen-minutes-of-fame-are-nearly-over electronica artist Lady Gaga on its books, and is owned by Akon.’

3. Antoine Assale Tiemoko
Source: Daily Mail
They say: ‘Chelsea were quick to deny there was any political motivation behind Kalou’s actions and insisted he wasn’t showing support for the recently freed Ivory Coast activist Antoine Assale Tiemoko. He was released from a one-year prison sentence last month after being convicted of ‘libelling the prosecutor’s office’ and being in ‘contempt of court’. Tiemoko was arrested in December 2007 after the country’s daily paper, Le Nouveau Reveil, had published his opinion piece on judicial corruption.’

  • Murfmensch

    Solidarity for Tiemoko would be a very great thing for a player to show.

    Why would an English team want to deny support for someone thrown in jail over an editorial about a public figure?

    When we hear that there should be no political content on the pitch, I just gotta wonder. I’d rather players think about freedom of opinion then their hair.

  • Kristen

    Yes, and that symbol in the pic is of the duo DX. I think that it is probably the WWE one. It just seems funny to think that someone like that is watching WWE.