Abou Diaby has a freakishly long tongue

Posted by - February 25, 2009 - Arsenal, Oddballs

Part-man, part-lizard

Woah! What is that all about? Abou Diaby rued a missed chance against Roma last night by unravelling his massive tongue for all to see. I’ll just get on the phone to our lawyers to see if a couple of theories as to why Arsene Wenger like his so much are legally sound…

  • ryan

    i thought he was great in the first half last night. if he plays like that regularly he’ll be worth keeping but he must be consistent.

    i thought denilson too was WAY better than usual. his best ever performance. maybe it was because he played very deep and didn’t get forwards too much, it really made a massive difference i think. if arsene can get him to sit so deep every week we will be defensively notably better i think (and we’re already not conceding many goals lately so that would be a massive bonus)

  • julius

    I saw yesterday that we diaby in the team, we create chances, but with song paired with denilson, we do not because song likes square passes other than going forward, thats the reason why we he came on we created few chances…..diaby is a great player but very inconsistent