After nearly a week in charge, Guus Hiddink works out Chelsea’s squad size

Posted by - February 20, 2009 - Chelsea

Only with the help of Ray Wilkins though

If you had been wondering what Guus Hiddink has been doing during his first week at Chelsea, it seems to boil down to three main things. We already knew he had been busy not entertaining us and dreaming of manure. The rest of Guus’s week has been spent counting players at Chelsea.

He said: “That is what I have done the last few days and I get information from a very well respected colleague, Ray Wilkins. He gave me very good information, very noble information, about the players I don’t know that well.

“What I have noticed, the squad is 20 plus, and I am realistic enough to know they will all be very happy to play.”

So the dossier of important information passed on from the Scolari reign to Hiddink via caretaker boss Ray Wilkins amounts to the fact that Chelsea’s squad consists of more than 20 people who want to play football. And they still missed out Florent Malouda: he’s in the squad but doesn’t want to play football.

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