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BIG NEWS ALERT: Luiz Felipe Scolari sacked by Chelsea

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  • Danno

    I love how Adams’ sacking isn’t even the biggest manager-out-of-job piece of news to hit the headlines today.

    Doesn’t even warrant a mention on this website.

  • Rob Parker


    Other commitments meant I couldn’t post about the Adams sacking before every man and his dog had, but I’m touched that you consider Off The Post an outlet for breaking football management news.

    We’re more football humour and football reaction. For football humour, read the Chelsea statement above.

    For my penny’s worth, you can apply the final paragraph above to Adams. In fact, I’ll update it for you to recognise this!

  • Ibracadabra

    Rob – hilarious.

  • ben c

    being a united fan I’m happy to see big phil go as long as Guus doesn’t take over. I’m scurred of Guus

  • ben c

    From Guus’s agent: “Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich would not make too many friends in Russia if he steals away Guus from the national team.”

    Wait, Roman has friends?

  • Danno

    Rob Parker:

    I love you. You’ve made my Tuesday night.


  • beatownbeaner11

    holy shit that was funny