Bringing Jack Rodwell back down to earth

Posted by - February 16, 2009 - Everton, FA Cup, Oddballs

Keep your feet on the ground, kid

Since Everton youngster Jack Rodwell is now an FA Cup goalscorer (and against high-flying Aston Villa) we were concerned the prospective future England captain might be getting a bit too big for his boots. So you might be an FA Cup hero today, Jack, but remember its not long since you were a young trainee showing off you muscles in a one-man photoshoot for social networking site Bebo!

As if to show he is maturing, Rodwell has wisely made his profile private since I pilfered the photo!

  • dr u dnt need to no

    tink its really sad mate that ur stealin pps pics from there site n ritin shit like this about a young lid. iv grown up with this lid n hes a straight up nice lid n has worked hard to get wer he is now. yeh he may b a bit of a poser in this pic but y r u criticisin him is it cos ur jealous i tink so mate so if u aint gonna b nice go do 1.

  • Not tellin ya

    How stupid.
    Don’t you have anything better to do?
    I think it’s realy sad that you spend time doing this.
    Jack isn’t getting to big for his boots anyway.
    So *#*# you and goodbye.