Cristiano Ronaldo admits he is gay

Posted by - February 26, 2009 - Football videos, Manchester United

Sort of…

Yes, it is crude both in terms of content and production, but it is still pretty funny.

See Cristiano’s very revealing carnival float here.

  • Gersch

    Prepare for BAWWW.

  • Jim

    Please take this down immediately, it has reference to small children, it is not appropriate for anyone.

  • Rob Parker


    It is clear throughout that the video is both fake and satirical.

  • Rob Parker

    Although perhaps calling it satirical makes it sound a bit more high-brow than the reality!

  • Ro

    Have a life…….

  • CR7

    That is hilarious.

  • allez-les-bleus

    i dont understand english very good
    when does he say he is gay???
    I scanned the whole video with my ear for 3 times to hear the sentence “im gay”
    but i dont hear them!!!