Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic exchange trash talk

Posted by - February 24, 2009 - Champions League, Italy, Manchester United

Expect death and suffering as Man Utd take on Inter

The respective talismans of both Manchester United and Inter Milan have been indulging in some trash talk ahead their Champions League clash. Neither could resist the chance to state the bleedin’ obvious either.

Cristiano Ronaldo said: “It’s time to kill or be killed. Whoever loses will exit the competition — and we don’t want to lose. It will be a difficult game but I think Manchester United have a better team.” Yes, we are familiar with the basic principles of a knockout competition, Cristiano.

Meanwhile, geography expert Zlatan Ibrahimovic offered this gem: “United may be champions of Europe but we are champions of Italy and I warn them that they are about to suffer.” Having climbed down from the top rope of his wresting ring, Zlatan may have had time to reflect that perhaps being champions of Italy doesn’t quite top being champions of Europe.

Let the suffering commence!


    The game is really hard to call, both teams are really good, but I have to side with Man United in terms of technical quality. However, Inter are playing at home and if United’s defensive crisis is as bad as the media makes it out to be, I have no doubt that Inter’s deadly strike force will be able to grab a goal or two.

  • beatownbeaner11

    Inter will win the match when Hulk Hogan decides to come out of retirement and chokeslam nani, while macho man randy savage body slams fergie for the count…..2-0

  • CR7

    2-1 to UTD

  • Roarz

    “United may be champions of Europe but we are champions of Italy”.

    Someone needs some geography lessons…