Cristiano Ronaldo spits at Robbie Savage during Man Utd’s victory over Derby

Posted by - February 16, 2009 - Championship, FA Cup, Manchester United

You only sing phlegm your winning

Cameras caught Cristiano Ronaldo sending a gobful of his finest World Player of the Year spittle in Robbie Savage’s direction during yesterday’s FA Cup clash between Derby County and Manchester United. The Portuguese international was visibly unimpressed with the attention he was receiving from Savage and launched a greenie in the blond bombshell’s direction as he urged C-Ron to get to his feet.

While Off The Post does not condone this sort of behaviour, we cannot think of many more deserving targets than Savage. The Welshman was clearly shaken up by the incident and went into a state of denial after the match. He told The Sun: “Nothing happened. If you have got pictures showing that sort of thing, it was definitely something I wasn’t aware of. I’ve got absolutely no problem with him.”

  • Ron

    Disgusting thing to do but I’m sure Savage deserved it!

  • Ben C

    I mean honestly, given the chance wouldn’t you spit at Savage? BTW am I the only one who thinks Teale looks like bizzaro Fletcher?

  • goalcentre

    Savage was at the wrong place at the wrong time! ^^

  • danny clay

    robbies crap and deserved every bit of it

  • Rob Vanden

    both my haircuts

  • robbie

    as of late, i realize C.R. is actually lizaer-like camel response to adverse. see WorldCup 2010 loss.