Did David Blaine make Frank Lampard’s fiancee disappear?

Posted by - February 23, 2009 - Chelsea

Creepy magician’s appearance coincides with relationship end

The Chelsea squad were entertained by magician David Blaine last week – the very same week that Frank Lampard was dumped by fiancee Elen Rives. Surely not just a coincidence?

A sheepish Lamps took part in a card trick with the US magician after what the club’s website describes as a “relaxing lunch”. It is just as well as I find unrelaxing lunches are very bad for digestion. Blaine also bent a 20p piece, rotated his wrist 360 degrees and ate part of a wine glass.

The club has sat on the photos of the event until now, presumably to avoid a string of ‘Hiddink relies on magic to help Chelsea’ headlines.