Football Lookalikes: John Terry and random Warrington transsexual

Posted by - February 4, 2009 - Chelsea, Lookalikes

Scary. Funny, but scary

Meet John Tranny, the Chelsea captain’s transsexual alter ego. It is, in fact, Lucy Smith, who is a disgruntled transsexual complaining about the negative publicity from a recent NHS campaign. I’m sure the irony isn’t lost on you.

Spotted on Warrington Guardian via The Spoiler

  • Sharky

    Erm, it is actually Terry’s face super-imposed for the article!

  • Paul Donnelly

    To the tune of the song about his maa that Liverpool fans sing….

    He hates his own c0ck
    He hates his own c0ck
    John Terry’s had a sex swap
    Cos he hates his own c0ck

  • Paul Donnelly

    PS, that isn’t his face super-imposed on the article. I’m from Warrington and the man/woman in the pic used to work behind the bar in the local wetherspoons and looked exactly the same then but without boobs!! haha

  • Rob Parker

    Haha, thanks for that Paul. And for the confirmation of John Tranny’s existence!!!

  • big davey

    Hey, I have a mate from Warrington and he’s a tranny who looks just like Juan Veron. Ha Ha.(Well he’s not a full time tranny, he justs helps them out when they’re busy)

  • Hviiiuug

    No, alot of wimmin ARE that ugly in Warrington…that’s why I jumped the fence! Pete