Football Lookalikes: Pippo Inzaghi and Barack Obama

Posted by - February 17, 2009 - Italy, Lookalikes

Separated at birth?
Inzaghi Obama Lookalike

OK, it is not a lookalike as such, but OTP reader Ben C has very kindly put this together for us. I think it was maybe done on this Obama gadget, which allows you to put your (or your favourite Inzaghi brother’s) face onto the new President’s iconic Hope poster.

Ben has chosen Offsides as his theme – Milan fans having long since given up any lingering Hope of Inzaghi holding his run! Aside from that, the only link we can think of is that Pippo’s compatriot Gianluigi Buffon was eager to receive a letter from Obama. If you’ve got any other obscure connections, let us know!