Football video: David Bentley kicks ball into skip from roof and wins his agent’s watch

Posted by - February 10, 2009 - Football videos, Tottenham

Spurs legend pockets £15,000 timepiece

Oh, the legend bit was a joke by the way. In this Ronaldinho-era Nike-meets-Blair Witch effort, Tottenham’s David Bentley supposedly makes a bet with his agent that he can kick a ball from the roof of Red Bull HQ (culprits) and into a skip below. He supposedly does it.

Probably more entertaining than the video itself are the YouTube comments. Read some of my favourites after the jump…

1. “nice jeans david…do they come in mens?”
2. “How come he can do that and struggle to deliver an accurate corner???”
3. “Tottenham relegation party 2009”
4. “he should have bet his agent 15k that he could jump into the skip IMO”
5. “i cant accept this to be real. david bentley is too shit to have pulled this one off”

Spotted on The Offside

  • Ala

    Haha, “Do they come in mens?”

    “I did something similar where I was on a roof top and I kicked the ball and it hit my ex right in the ass 20 feet away ”

    “Nice kick david…where are they burying that dog you hit?”

  • Daniel

    maybe he should take up GAA…couldnt be any worse than he is right now? hehehe

  • MattyB

    That’s nuffin.

    Check this out. And it’s a girl who kicks it!
    Mad skillz!