Football video: Frank Lampard sent-off for being kicked by Xabi Alonso

Posted by - February 2, 2009 - Chelsea, Football videos, Liverpool

Another ridiculous Premier League red card

Could this be the moment that the Premier League title was decided? There is a long way to go yet, but Mike Riley’s terrible decision to send off Frank Lampard for cleanly winning a 50/50 ball with Xabi Alonso has put Manchester United firmly in the driving seat. Chelsea’s 10 men eventually succumbed to two Fernando Torres goals.

That is not to say that Chelsea deserved to finish the match with 11 men…

Jose Bosingwa vents his frustration on Yossi Benayoun’s back using the six pressure points of his studs!

Bosingwa spotted on The Spoiler

  • Hawkeye

    Now I’m not talking about this *specific* incident before being accused of being a Red, but why do commentators always parrot the “but he got the ball first” line? Show me in the Laws of the Game where it says that a dangerous tackle is not an offence IF YOU TOUCH THE BALL FIRST. A dangerous tackle can still be a dangerous tackle (and thus an offence) whether or not you got the ball first.

    As to this particular example – firstly, the immediate incident looked worse than it was and without the availability of TV replays, the ref can only base his verdict on what he saw. Secondly, from the position that the ref was, it would have continued to have looked bad – and that’s no criticism of where the referee was positioned – he can’t be in all places.

    So, was it a red card offence in my opinion? No, with the benefit of TV replays. Was it a red card from how the referee would have seen it? Yes. Don’t go blaming the referee – blame the lack of TV replays for the ref.

  • Mohamed S.

    How the fuck did Boswinga get away with that?

  • Zekky

    Looks worse in real time.

  • Zekky

    The Lampard sending off I mean.

  • Kyle

    Mike Riley is absolute rubbish. He is one of the worst referees in all of Europe.

  • Krit

    No you are wrong he is one of the worst in the world..Excluding those from the two videos, there were worse craps he missed. Withor without the TV replays cos I dont think any decent referees would do his job like Mike Riley did…