Football video: Kyle Naughton’s phantom own goal against Hull City

Posted by - February 27, 2009 - Championship, FA Cup, Football videos, Hull City

Sheffield United can feel “a little bit hard done by”!

There was a time when goal-line technology was if you could afford a Flymo to cut the grass in the penalty area, but there are sure to be renewed cries for cameras and sensors and robotic referees today after Hull City were awarded a phantom goal in their FA Cup clash with Sheffield United last night.

For reasons best known to himself, young defender Kyle Naughton thundered a header at his own crossbar. Referee Peter Walton awarded a goal believing the ball had bounced down across the line, but TV replays clearly show that not all of the ball was over the line.

Blades boss Kevin Blackwell has burst a blood vessel in his neck was not best pleased with the decision. He said: “Managers can lose their jobs over things like this. If we had been struggling, this defeat could have cost me my job and I have a wife and kids to support. We knew the ball wasn’t over the line. Everybody did.”

  • Dave Nelson

    I don’t know. Didn’t look quite so clear to me from the replays. Even the announcer says something like, “see, behind the post I think there’s a little bit of the ball.” That’s a very quick rebound of the crossbar and a very close call for us to start blaming the linesman. Sheff Utd weren’t hard done by–that crossbar was hard done by.

  • James

    Dave my good man, was ALL of the ball over ALL of the line?
    No…not even close
    Also the linesman was 5 yards behind play making it impossible for him to give that decision if there is any element of doubt
    Which, clearly there was.
    We were very hard done by , if you watched the match youll know we should have had a penalty
    I was there and saw the replays at half time
    We saw the “goal” replay straight after on the big screen, everyone was looking, Blackwell, Brown and even Hull’s man of the match, the ref and linesman