Football video: Michael Ballack doesn’t take snowball attack in good humour

Posted by - February 9, 2009 - Chelsea, Football videos

[Insert your own ‘Germans’ + ‘sense of humour’ related gag here]

Did we say snowball? Better retract that on legal grounds. In the words of an angry Michael Ballack: “No, it was ice!” The Chelsea midfielder was conducting an interview Chelsea to commemorate his 100th game for the Blues when the sitting duck became too tempting for his club-mates.

The German failed to see the funny side and embarked an a farcical chase around a slalom of Range Rovers and Audis. So the fact that Ballack doesn’t have a sense of humour, has a childish need for revenge, is too slow to catch the culprit AND names a game he didn’t even play in as one of the highlights of his 100 games for Chelsea means he doesn’t come out of this looking too clever!

Spotted on Dirty Tackle

  • Daniel

    wow he hasnt run so much all season! =o

  • ben c

    I hate this man.