Football video: Ryan Babel has been rapping again

Posted by - February 18, 2009 - Football videos, Liverpool

Someone pop a cap in his mute button

Confiscate his microphone! Liverpool [insert this week’s position of Rafa’s liking here] Ryan Babel has been dropping some Dutch beats… again. It is but a few months since we first brought you Babel rocking the mic, a jaunty little number in which he asserted: “I’m the Liverpool star you bitches are loving.”

Now he is back with what Zoo Magazine is calling Anfield Rap ’09. John Barnes will be turning in his grave. The translated lyrics you bitches are loving are after the jump…

From the 4 to the 5 to the 6 to the 7
Throw the mic in the ring and n***a you will stay in life
It is the R-I-O who take responsibility
Those n****z thinking it’s crazy that this guy taking over
Yeah, I told you before
Test your ears again cause you don’t listen good
I am confident, top fit and I feel good
Those n****z finding me dope cause the Rio raps too quick
Yeah game recognise game
And if you don’t understand, that will be a shame
I got lots under control sometimes we can have a laugh
I got my own world in front of me like the guys of Opgezwolle (Dutch rap group)
Lots of compliments for the stuff that I do
N***z with talent are never tired
This was a rap from the R-I-O

Stunning. Rio is his rapping alter ego apparently.

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