Football video: Spanish team drops their shorts over pay dispute

Posted by - February 11, 2009 - Football videos, Oddballs

Pay us or next time you’ll see a whole lot more!

Spanish third division outfit Galactico Pegaso dropped their shorts for the start of their match against Real Madrid Castilla to signal their disgust at not being paid for three months. The players also wore t-shirts that read “With your arse in the air” during the pre-match warm-up, so you suspect the general theme was that they had been left feeling a bit exposed by their lack of income. Bit deep for a group a third division footballers, eh? You would think they would just want to kick the president or something.

This follows Granada’s kneel-down protest when they refused to play for the first 30 seconds in their own pay dispute. On a brief aside, you would have thought the two captains could have fixed it so that Castilla kicked off the match!

Spotted on The Offside