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Football video: USA’s Frankie Hejduk gets slapped by Mexico assistant coach Paco Ramirez

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  • duckunder

    Wow! Stay classy Paco. Frankly, I’m amazed that Frankie remained so calm, glad that he did though. Hopefully some swift action is taken by the Mexican Federation about this. Paco is very lucky he didn’t get arrested as well.

  • Eric Griesheimer

    La la la, lame o. Rumor has it that Sven will be out soon and paco will take over. Burritos suck…Beat Mexico.

  • AT

    WTF is wrong with these Mexicans? I thought that the majority of the team played a great game. Their captain deserved a red card no argument. It is obvious now where that behavior comes from. I wish Sven could have more time to develop this team and discipline them into a great competitor. I would love to see more quality CONCACAF teams but this may still be a long way away if we can’t stop behavior like this.
    I would also like to know who is guilty of throwing bottles on the pitch last night.That cannot be tolerated.

  • ashlee vance

    WTF is a brace?

    The thing you put on a FUed knee?

    Speak english.

    Dont mean to generalize but i will. played soccer in three major cities and the italians/portuguese whine/fake a lot, the latino teams play dirty and are poor sports, the blacks always want ‘respect’ but dont understand the concepts and the arab teams are good for one apeshit moment a week. Whether youre facing a Condores, a Colo Colo or other, be prepared for the dirty stuff when facing south americans at any level, that’s all I’m sayving.

    I know what Im getting when Im facing pollocks or russians and I know what I getting when I play Chileans. Play enough with different ethnic groups and you know what to expect.

  • AT

    Ashlee….well said!

    On a brighter note ESPN did much better presenting the game.

  • Brian

    A brace is an english word, Ashlee. It means that the a player found the net twice.

    For someone whos ays they played soccer in three major cities, I would have thought you would have known that…

  • AT

    Thanks for the educating us Yanks Brian, now I can truly sound like a snob at the pub.

  • maria

    1.- ESPN is one sided and BORING!!!
    2.- the captain did not need to get that red card. Howard jumped out of nowhere and Rafa was turned the other way how was he going to know that Howard was right there?
    3.-Also Hejduk was bragging about winning straight to the mexican Players and staff. He deserved to be slapped and he should have gotten yellow cards for all the s*** he did.
    4.- Horrible Horrible ref who made some stupid calls and didn’t call people out on more serious things.

  • Robert

    Hey Maria, did you see the same game everyone else saw? You and the rest of your filthy country are crying and making excuses again. The fact that you concur with the actions of that piece of shit shows that you are one as well. Suck it up because will rule you in soccer and every thing else.

  • Nik


    Way to generalize about friggin’ everybody. Glad to see racists idiots still abound in football pitches around the world.

    AT, calling out snobbery because of a term commonly used in another country is like getting mad at the dog for crapping on the rug when you don’t let outside.

  • spaaanky

    i love the mexi-mullet. now THAT’S class.

  • tony

    wow, Ashlee is a moron. good comments by Nik and Brian. Also, as a side note, its that tone that is found in Ashlee’s comments and ignorance why some countries find American’s repulsive. Thank God, there’s people like Brian and Nik whereby there is a sound argument for contradiction to the bad stereotype of
    American’s sense of Granduer.

  • Rob Parker

    Yes, I considered deleting some of the comments which land in racist category in my opinion but took the decision that hopefully most people would see them for what they are. And thankfully most commenters seem to have done that.

    And AT, from his email address I would guess that Brian the “snob” is actually American too. Maybe just a little better educated?

  • Nik


    It makes it easier to find them when they are all out in the open like that.

  • Mikey the Latin

    *SIGH* Maria YA CALLATE POR DIOS Y QUITATE LA SOBERBIA! ESPN may be boring in soccer, but they’ll get better as soccer grows here in the States. But ESPN is not one sided, they replayed the Foul clearly showing Marquez aggression in his foul that he deserved to leave. Univision didn’t replay it and defended Marquez for such Conduct, Check again for the one-sidedness of those Biased fools. And what do you expect of Howard?! Jump out to where the ball isn’t going to?? You would of love that sore loser huh?? He jumped there for the ball, is what a goalie does in the game of futbol. Marquez clearly kicked Howard with aggression in the box and what do you expect, a pat in the back? No, Red Card, Kickboxing is another event, not futbol. Next time Marquez look up, you’ll see a goalie following the ball anywhere, and if you jump keep the foot down to not hurt anyone, that was below the belt. Honestly Maria, Marquez could give a crap for the Green Jersey. And as for the love tap that Hejduk got in the face, you and I know that was uncalled for, Winner always has bragging rights, y’al had it before, now let him enjoy it, if there’s discipline MulletMexican will get it. And stop excusing with referees!!!! This is why y’al still suck, excuse excuses and more excuses, play with more strategy and discipline and you’ll have a chance. Maria learn the art of football, because with those 4 points you listed, you obviously don’t know…

    Ashlee grow up man, South American soccer isn’t dirty, especially Argentinians, the best league here in America that is closest to Europe is The Argentine League, Brazil also is great with no dirty plays. You are too, a disgrace to soccer hating on ethnic groups forgetting that the US Soccer is diverse and not just the White player. Very few Americans are like, you causing Mexicans to feel offended and start slapping people, Hejduk took that slap because of your type of view when the poor man doesn’t think like you, no professional American has ever made racial stereotype comments on international teams, they respect all, even mexico, seriously open up…

  • Abel

    I thought the game was well played by both sides, Howard did an amazing job of keeping his cool after that cheap shot by Marquez. It almost seems to me like he cares more about playing for Barcelona than he does for the national team. As for Paco Ramirez, I believe FIFA should give that idiot a hefty fine, the only person he should be slapping is Marquez for being an idiot and getting kicked out of the game and leaving Mexico short with more than 30 min to go! Mexico was doing a decent job of attacking up to that point. Hopefully FIFA or CONCACAF decides to give Rafa more than 2 games for that red. Mexico could do just as well playing with Salcedo, Galindo, Osorio and Magallon.

  • AT

    Wow. What a load of crap I find after I come back from lunch(maybe that will give away where I live).

    My “snobbery” comment only suggests that unless you live in a big US city with a “Soccer Bar” people think you are a snob if you even talk about Football. Unfortunately no one where I live knows anything about Football.
    Please cut us some slack. It is hard enough for us over here to be passionate about this game when everyone thinks you are a sissy for even caring about it. I mean if we love the game that should at least give us something in common. At least I don’t have to argue with you the name of the sport. Can you even F’n imagine if people confused what you call Football with Rugby? OMG it can be a nightmare over here ask Beckham. American arrogance? Of course we are arrogant that’s another story! But with Football, we know our place. Let my Tivo be my judge in that. I do nothing on Saturday or Sunday mornings till all the EPL games are over.
    I apologize now if my 3 pitcher lunch offended anyone it was not intentional.

  • Freddy

    Good game overall played well by both teams…of course USA deserved to win based on overall play. I think those previous (racist) comments should be deleted. The passion between these two countries is amazing and that’s where the ‘dirty’ plays come in. Marquez’s foul on Tim Howard was definitely a red card…he had the same form as he did on Cobi in WC 2002. Salcedo was also lucky to be on the pitch at the final whistle because he would have gotten a red as well if US wasn’t on a break away for the second goal. Don’t you all remember Guch’s red vs Mexico a while back…Red was is and always will be the common color in the series between these two countries. Good game by Bradley…he’s showing the path that all us players should take…Donovan on the other hand does not deserve to be on the same pitch on a regular basis as Ribery, Toni, Klose and van Bommel.

  • Peter

    Nice writing skills
    “when beer-chugging(red bold font linking to a 4 month old article that can possibly generate us more hits) US player Frankie Hejduk”


  • The Englishman

    Some talking points:

    Frank Hejduk needs to be the face of US Football right now, he plays a hard, fair and fun game which is a pleasure to watch.

    ESPN2 is making some small strides in presenting Football these days, though they don’t have a great deal to work with yet.

    Both ESPN2 and the USA are relatively new to the sport in terms of media presentation but if the MLS continues to grow and show signs of being more prestigious than the English and French second divisions then I am sure it will catch on to the point where it should be a regular event on ESPN, not ESPN2.

    Clint Dempsey needs to stop being such a girl. He plays in the EPL and should have learned better by now that diving is simply unacceptable, especially here in the States where sports personalities in the NFL are ‘real men’ who battle through injury and play hard but fair.

    re the red card: Rafa had his eye on Howard and planted the kick, he should receive extra punishment for intent to injure.

    Next time I might watch it with the volume up.

  • Rob Parker

    It’s called a hyperlink and I think it’s pretty standard blogging practice to link back to previous stories related to the person/subject you are discussing…

  • Estevi

    El Tri play like they fight,like slapping little girls Now mow my lawn


    from Mexico to Sams Army haha… enjoy this last game, you will see how you national team will loose in Azteca Stadium also the reveange is coming at Gold Cup… the mexican team are soccer players by nature like brazilian players we have that in the blood, not athletic robots.

  • Berto


    Regio, you compared the Mexicans (0 world cup titles) to Brazilians (5 world cup titles) in soccer? HAHA…cmon

  • Ahuh

    How do you know frankie didnt say that
    obviously he was confronted about it, and you and yeah sounds different. Just because mexico lost doesnt mean he would slap fer saying F*** Yeah. Franky is going to say what benefits him

  • Berto

    Real men punch, pussies slap

    Mexican fag

  • beatownbeaner11

    ^^^ easy there Berto ………lol..

    Paco Ramirez should have been coach…That mullet would work miracles for our country

  • Eric

    This is too funny reading all of these comments…yes mexico had a terrible game, Ramirez should not have slapped hedjuk(but then again maybe he had his reason and only he and hedjuk know that and might want to keep it private between the two, not us as spectators) now some of you are commmenting about lack of class by the mexican side(funny you guys mention it).Do you guys not remember when US went to Mexico and played at the Estadio Jalisco, Donovan pissed on the field after US lost.Class? i don’t think so! Also some of you are commenting about Mexico “sucking”, well lets compare.First, Mexico has more championships than US.Mexico is the only Concacaf country that has won a World Cup(yes it was U-17, but it is a world cup), Mexico has won a Confederations Cup(for the ones that don’t know,countries that win their respective organizations go to the tournament,ie…Gold Cup, Euro, Asian tourney, etc.),Mexico still has more wins against US than US on Mexico. Don’t agree. I ask you, is Brazil the best in the world? yes because they have one the most world cups.Oh and another point, what happens when the US plays South-American teams, European, etc. They are terrible! For example, what happened in the last Copa America? They had 3 losses: to Argentina, Paraguay, and Colombia.Last World cup=disaster as well! Now i ask you all, why can the US beat Mexico on US ground but never beats Mexico, in Mexico?Why can’t US compete at the level as other CONMEBOL or EURO teams?WHY? Is it maybe b/c they are not at that level yet as Mexico,Argentina,Brazil,Italy,Germany,Spain to name a few?Oh club teams…MLS is terrible not even my caucasian friends like the MLS.Why? it is boring,no sense of futbol(soccer is not proper,unless it has something to do with socks,what the hell LOL)(unless KICKBALL AND RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN is considered futbol, i don’t think so). Mexican teams are so much better than the MLS teams, that is why the Mexicans always beat the MLS teams in tourneys. Also for the ones that don’t know, MLS teams have been invited to the Copa Sudamericana(tourney compared to UEFA cup,considered 2nd best to Copa Libertadores)and they have terrible results to the South American teams and Mexican as well.More proof that US soccer is bad!CONMEBOL appreciates Mexico and thats why they have allowed for Mexican teams to enter these South American tourneys (Copa America,Sudamericana,Libertadores) with automatic bids not like US when they are invited out of pity.Mexico is the best and will be until the US proves otherwise by beating the teams i mentioned or competing at the level i mentioned too.
    —For the ones that think I hate the US and that is why I am defending Mexico,sorry but wrong! I am an American citizen by the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution(for the un-educated, it is the amendment that states, every person born in the US or on US territory is automatically a US citizen…ppl pay attention in school for your own sake and well being, plz!). I am Mexican and have grown up playing here in the US, and that is how I am qualified to say that futbol program management in the US is bad. Not organized like other futbol devolped countries.
    –In conclusion, I ask anyone to prove me wrong on anything I said with valid arguments and not assumptions like the ones already posted. Do your research and get back to me. i will be checking this site to see if anyone has challenged my ideology, oh i’m sorry, THE FACTS! to end VIVA MEXICO..VIVA US when they don’t play against Mexico,Brazil,Argentina,Ecuador,etc. LOL

  • beatownbeaner11

    ^^^ listen I agree but holy shit its a comment section not a essay section.the comment section is not your personal blog…

  • MLS Rumors

    Hey Eric we should remind you that DC United, an MLS club won the CONCACAF Champions Cup and then went on to beat the Copa Libertadores winner, Brazils Vasco De Gama, in Copa Interamericana. So stop generalizing.

  • Jokerman326

    Enjoy the much deserved victory, but check the racism crap. That includes the blog’s author LATIN TEMPERMENT?!? WTF? EVER WATCH ANY OTHER US SPORTS? HOW MANY US ATHLETES ATTACK EACH OTHER, THE CROWD, ETC? LATIN TEMPERMENT? WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME MEXICO GOT ATTACKED BY COLOMBIA, SO THEY DECIDE TO BRING REGIME CHANGE TO BRAZIL? Please. Judging from te titel alone, I am not surprised you decided to leave it in, as perhaps you agree with many of the other more direct posts.

    Enjoy the vitcory US fans, but leave the BS at home, or better yet, go to a Mexican, get in his face, and shoot your mouth off there.

    And for the record, I don’t give a sh*t about any country’s national teams. Club first.

  • a;lksdf

    Ashlee fuck you what the hell do you know about mexican you piece of shit

  • Eric

    Hey MLS Rumors, DC did beat Vasco…but what I am getting at is CONSISTENCY. Mexican teams remain constant competing in Libertadores, Sudamericana, and Copa America with South-Americans…MLS has too much inconsistency and only is able to compete with CONCACAF clubs & countries. I ask you, look at history and it will tell you about inconsistency on the US side. You might ask, why am I talking about the past? Well isn’t that how us as spectators, the media, and experts measure a club or country and their so-called “greatness”? Yes Mexico hasn’t beat the US on US ground in a while, but when was the first time Mexico lost to US on Mexican ground? Never! Now US claims they are the “giant” of concacaf, since when? What has US done at club or international level? WHAT HAVE THEY WON? (other than that interamericana and 2 concacaf champions tourneys)…so if Mexico beats Brazil, does that make Mexico better than Brazil? History measures greateness!

  • Your Dad

    Mexico and everything about it blows. It’s like with less towels, more beaches and far less oil. This bs girl-slap was about as classy as a burro ride up a dirt hill after a 7-layer bean dip session. Fire another coach you talentless pukes. I’ll have no problem seeing Paco (sweet name btw) get straight up owned if he gets promoted. Also, I’d invite that pos anytime to my home for a good ol fashioned American a-beating.

  • Eric

    To “Your Dad”…why does Mexico blow, as you state it? Isn’t that where one of the richest man in the world is from(Carlos Slim, look it up).Isn’t that where people from the U.S.(specifically white people go to vacation for FUN)…does it still blow?…i don’t think so! “ol fashioned American a-beating”…wtf, what is ol fashioned, u mean killing off people as in so-called “Manifest Destiny”(simply another way of saying your comparable to the Nazi) lol.Mexico will always be the “daddy” of US and US will remain Mexico’s bitch. lol WE WILL SEE WHEN US PLAYS IN THE ESTADIO AZTECA…we will see!

  • just wondering

    you really think mexico is on the same rank in world soccer as brazil, argentina, germany and italy? you said it yourself mexico hasn’t won THE world cup.

    oh, as an american fan i agree, mexico still really reigns over the concacaf, historically. though as of the past decade the US has made strides to make much better competition. you certainly do have a 1up in the series because we never beat you in mexico. i’m sure it’ll happen someday.

    oh, and who cares about either the mls or mexican leagues? we all know the majority of good club teams are in europe so who cares what tournaments they win.

  • Jokerman326

    Your dad: for the record, Mexico has far more oil than the US. get a clue and come on back, ya idiot.

  • Eric

    To “just wondering”…yes mexico has never one a world cup at the “older” national team level(U-17 they did), BUT they have proven to be able and compete at that level as the so called “great teams”(or why is portugal and spain considered a top rank team by the “experts”,they have never won a world cup?)As for club teams,u might not care of the mls(i don’t either,and we see Beckham doesn’t either lol)..but mexican i do care.European leagues are not the only ones that are good,Why? because many many teams from south america and Mexico are very good teams…for example Independiente from Argentina is first in INTERNATIONAL titles won(not a european team).European teams are very wealthy and have the opportunity to buy the best players,but why can’t they beat south-american teams in an easy manner in the club world cup?
    I agree Europe has some great leagues(very great)…but i ask you. when you take the foreign players out of those leagues,what will happen?(this goes for all Euro leagues)They will be not so good.EPL is considered by many americans the best league in the world(i don’t think likewise,but it is good).english soccer(w/english players only) is terrible w/ kickball and run(watch some 2nd/3rd division games).If you get a chance to,watch the Copa Libertadores and you will see very good more thing…that is the problem with our soccer(american),we try to be like euro leagues instead of creating our own style,and american soccer does not have the players to do that yet.

  • Mikey The Latin

    I read some of your essay part and let me tell you, Mexico is over, they suck, they have to go to churches to believe they can win, even bring religion into sports. They suck by nature if by nature they are soccer players.

    As for the Copa America they lost the first round true. But tell me, why would you have Gold Cup and Copa America in possesion?!?! Why? They both name you ruler of the region true, but both take you to the Confederations Cup. SO in reality it were as I purchased a ticket to mexico city with AeroMexico, and for the hell of it why not another one thru Continental. I only need ONE. So did US, they only needed the World Cup to be up there. As for Mexico, they seemed to be the ones that couldnt reach the Conmebol Level…

    New Age in Concacaf is to begin, USA is the Giant, and Mexico the exgiant will be runnerup if they get together and fix themselves…

  • Mikey The Latin

    Eric now I read on how you think Mexican league is good… Ugh… Dude MLS is crap we both know, and Mexican league you should know better, its crap also, why do you think you dont gotta pay for the games, its free! its Crap!! DONT EVER PLACE MEXICAN LEAGUE UP THERE TO EUROPEAN! That was the most ignorant comment I’ve read, both type of leagues are very disticnt, and you can tell. European is beautiful football, Mexican you’re like ‘what the hell are they doing?!’ Look here in America, the top leagues are Argentina, and Brazil, thats it, dont add your Mexican League to the list because it doesnt compare to those two even.

    As for your younger teams winning the world cup, congrats, now man up and prove it in the real deal that y’al have future because y’al seriously dont. My guess is that even the US Women Team can beat the crap out of y’al in a game…. Pathetic Mexican Teams…

  • Eric

    ok on your first comment. You are saying Mexico “sucks”, they have to go to churches to believe, blah blah blah!…Ok get educated please! one thing is religion, the other is futbol…totally different subjects.may I remind you that there is a 1st Amendment in our constitution here in the U.S.(Mexico has freedom of religion as well).With that said, people can do or believe in religion in any way they want. As for the Gold cup and copa america comments, isn’t a professional team/athlete going to try and give their best possible performance in any competition they compete in(in any sport)?So why does the U.S. team just throw the Copa America tournament away?…Also, has the U.S,won the confederations cup?…oh yeah right they haven’t.has Mexico?…YES they have.I have already stated this,but i guess i could do it again, just because Paraguay is at the top of the table in the CONMEBOL qualifiers, does that make them a “giant” over Argentina & Brazil?think about that and give it a comparison with the CONCACAF’s current situation.

  • Eric

    On your second comment, I will never argue about how the MLS is crap, like you said. Why? because there is no “futbol” played there, as i have already stated on previous posts.As to how the Mexican is crap and the games are free? Are you saying that just because they are “free” as you say, they are not good? Ok first, they are not free, to watch them, you have to have channels like univision, telefutura, galavision, tv azteca, fox sports, oh and even espn deportes. about half of those channles are not free, so what do u mean by free? If i comprehend your comparison with it being free, why are there games such as the NBA,NFL, free? In England, they televise EPL games for free. Same goes for the Liga, Serie A, etc, in their respective countries. Does that make them crap, just because they are televised for free? Also if Argentina and Brazil are top leagues in America, why when Mexican teams play these two side’s clubs, they are good games that are 50/50 chances for either teams playing against each other. Mexican teams have and are able to compete with the Argentinian and Brazilian teams! YES, mexican teams are not at the level as SOME of the european teams, but they are the “closest” with Argentina and Brazil clubs.As for your comment about the US women’s team. Are we not speaking about MALE futbol and not the female side.
    …one more comment, looking at your name “Mikey the latin”, i’m guessing your probably central american or carribean. Speaking futbol, all of the central american and carribean countries for some reason or another have a “hate” for mexico when it comes to futbol. idk why.What do all these “other” latins that are not mexican do, they rely on the US to get them out of their futbol misery and mediocrity. LOL and once again start watching the Copa Libertadores to see how the mexican teams can compete in it,even with argentina and brazil clubs!