Football video: Yossi Benayoun’s winner for Liverpool against Real Madrid

Posted by - February 25, 2009 - Champions League, Football videos, Liverpool

Israeli breaks cease fire

You could ask all sorts of questions like ‘how did Yossi Benayoun manage to score a header?’ or ‘didn’t Real Madrid have any defenders on the pitch?’ or ‘does Dirk Kuyt get uglier every day?’, but mulling over all of these things will only give you a headache. It is probably easier to just watch the video and look forward to the second leg!

  • Simon

    that sentence above the video is highly contraversial

  • Rob Parker

    Depends how you take it. If you’re a regular reader, Simon, you will know OTP is not a malicious site and is very much tongue-in-cheek.

    And it is literally true after all.

  • http://ar ariel

    Great goal from the Israeli!!!
    God bless Israel!!!!
    Ya MaN!@$!%$!#