Gazza talks about his toy parrot friends and taking cocaine

Posted by - February 24, 2009 - Oddballs

A snapshot of insanity

Paul Gascoigne has spoken out about his nightmare year in which he was sectioned three times under the Mental Health Act while under the influence of booze. In an interview with The Sun, Gazza revealed that at one of his lowest points he believed two talking toy parrots were his only friends.

He said: “I then ordered two toy parrots that talk back to you. They record what you say and repeat it. I began to feel they were about the only people who would talk to me. I looked in the mirror one day and remember one of the parrots saying, “I can see two of you”.

“I looked around and saw the two parrots having a conversation — or at least I thought they were. I started to think they were real and once ordered three pints — one for me and one each for the parrots. I’d get them to talk until the batteries ran out. Then I’d get room service to change the batteries.

“A few minutes later I looked for them, forgot the porter had taken them to change the batteries, and thought they had flown away. The porter brought them back with new batteries and I shoved one of them under the shower as a punishment for flying away.”

As well as sinking deep into alcoholism, Gazza claims he also battled a debilitating Nintendo Wii addiction which saw him go six weeks without sleep as he perfected his Wii Bowling action.

And the ex-England star also revealed that he took cocaine after being given some by a stranger in a nightclub. He said: “I took a few lines but afterwards I was so disappointed in myself and so ashamed. I’m not sure what exactly I was hoping it would achieve, but whatever it was it didn’t work. It just made me feel worse about myself.”

Gazza, aged 41, admitted that he had turned to cocaine for a few weeks at the age of 35 as he struggled to come to terms with hanging up his boots.

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