Guus Hiddink is not an entertainer, claims Guus Hiddink

Posted by - February 18, 2009 - Chelsea

Chelsea boss meets fans, paraphrases Pink

New Chelsea temporary-but-probably-permanent manager Guus Hiddink warned the Blues supporters that he will not be entertaining them. The Dutchman took a swipe at Jose Mourinho so thinly-veiled that the veil was almost invisible to the naked eye. “I am not here to entertain,” he said via his ventriloquist’s dummy.

“I am here to give the entertainment through the team. We hope to make a very good end to the season and we need your support of course. Thank you very much,” he added before removing his top-hat and performing a brief tap dance.

For his encore, Guus took an open training session in front of 6,000 fans (very continental, I’m sure you’ll agree).

  • Charlie (View from the Terraces)

    Sacking Scolari and bringing in a part-time replacement (no matter how good he is) has to be a mistake by Chelsea. Even if Hiddink wins on Saturday and brings the club some silverware, who is thinking about building for next season? Certainly not the person who will be in charge.

    Rob, what do you think? I would love to hear what you have to say at View from the Terraces, where I blogged on the Hiddink debacle yesterday.