Guus Hiddink takes temporary charge of Chelsea

Posted by - February 11, 2009 - Chelsea, International

And he’ll take it until the man who pays his wages says otherwise

Chelsea have confirmed the inevitable and Guus Hiddink has taken over as their coach until the end of the season. The 62-year-old will combine the new post with his existing job as coach of the Russia national team. A Chelsea statement was full of praise for the compassion shown by the Russian FA in light of the Blues’ recent divorce from Big Phil Scolari.

It read: “The club would like to take this opportunity to thank the Russian Football Union for their understanding and cooperation.”

I imagine that “understanding and cooperation” went a bit like this…

Lessons in having people over a barrel, part one

Roman Abramovich: “Guus, we would like you to be our new coach.”
Guus: “Gee, that’s really thoughtful. It’s just that I already kind of have a job with Russia…”
Roman: Yeah, I know. I pay your wages. How about you do the Chelsea job too and I’ll double your wages or I’ll stop paying your wages altogether?”
Guus: “Hmm.”

Roman: “We’re thinking of making Guus our new coach.”
Russian FA: “That’s great, Roman. The thing is he is already our coach.”
Roman: “Yeah, but I pay his wages. Perhaps you would like to take over this responsibility? I’ll understand if you do.”
Russian FA: “So… when does he start?”

  • Tom

    id like to think those conversations really happened.
    comedy gold

  • ashlee vance

    So its basically like the rest of the business world?