Harry Redknapp’s post-match interview against Bolton viewed with the aid of the flow-chart

Posted by - February 2, 2009 - Oddballs, Tottenham

It works

The other day we showed you the Harry Redknapp Press Conference Flow Chart. We decided to put it to the test using his interview with the BBC following Spurs’ 3-2 defeat at Bolton.

The results are quite astounding!

Flow Chart: Did you win?
Answer: No
Flow Chart: Mention that the team only had two points when you came.
Harry said: “When I came here we were bottom with two points from eight games.”

Flow Chart:
Do pigs fly?
Answer: No
Flow Chart: Blame the players
Harry said: “We give a corner away and we don’t defend the corner.”

Flow Chart: Were there individual mistakes?
Answer: No
Flow Chart: Blame the entire team for lack of depth
Harry said: “We do lack one or two people extra to head the ball for us from set plays.”

See the evidence for yourself here.

  • http://www.hotcarlspecial.com john aka schwein

    That’s too funny! I hope he can stick to the flow chart the rest of the way. That way, at news conferences he can say “yes, no, no, yes. Just refer to the flow chart. Goodbye”.