Is this England’s new home kit for 2009-11?

Posted by - February 12, 2009 - England, International, Kitman

A shirt for South Africa

Rumour has it that this is a leaked photograph of England’s new home shirt. And if it is, Umbro are not going to be happy bunnies. After a somewhat farcical launch to their last kit, the manufacturers were eager that the new kit should not be seen by the outside world until the players run out at Wembley to play Slovakia in a friendly game on Saturday, March 28. I suppose they were asking for trouble by setting an April Fools’ Day official launch date!

It looks like someone has tipped off Umbro that there is no blue on the cross of St George’s because the usual dose of navy is conspicuous in its absence. It sort of looks like a training top, but we will wait and see.

More photos after the jump…

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Thanks to Football Shirt Culture for the tip.

  • Chris O

    If that’s the new England shirt, I’ll eat my hat…

  • Riccardo

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  • daryl

    I hope not. It looks a bit cheap and nasty.

  • OmegaSupreme


  • beatownbeaner11

    personally i don’t want it to change….

  • Matt

    I think it looks awful and probably is just a training top. Umbro say it’s a fake and I’m inclined to believe them, for this reason: The FA, th other day, revealed a new three lions badge, which was in greater detail than the current one and in a lighter shade of blue. The crest on the leaked shirt is clearly the darker blue. If the FA said they were going the traditionalist route with the new crest, I don’t see why they’d ruin it by putting it on something that looks like a £9.99 third division trianing top.

    A return to red numbers would be most welcom though!

  • James

    If that is the new england shirt I won’t buy it and if someone buys it for me I won’t wear it! It’s horrible

  • scott jay

    who in there right minds would were that i have training top that looks like that but better. it look like a school kid designed it. the only way i would wear 1 is if they were giving them out for free

  • http://offthepost luigi

    looks cheap, can’t see any team winning the world cup with that rubbish shirt.
    if umbro dont wanna make shirts for england they should just say and not take the piss

  • Andy

    That strip is cack!! if it does turn out to be the new shirt I wont be buying one. It looks like a cheap imitation football shirt. BIN IT !!!!

  • williamhill

    its pretty fugly.

  • Rob Parker

    It’s not that one, williamhill. It’s the one that was in this post:

    Now sadly removed for legal reason.

  • soccer

    Iit looks awful and cheap probably is just an imitation top. can’t see how it can be the soccer world cup shirt, are they getting it for free!