John Terry gives a very revealing interview (to a five-year-old child)

Posted by - February 3, 2009 - Chelsea, England, Oddballs

JT drops PR for mini-journo

I don’t know where to start with this one… The Guardian had the very good idea of letting a five-year-old child interview Chelsea skipper John Terry. In the brief interview, Oscar Witt uncovers enough information to keep The Sun in front-page splashes for a month.

The highlights include Terry’s frank admission that Jose Mourinho is the best coach he has ever worked under. He said: “Now Scolari’s the manager, so because it’s too early to say on Scolari, I’m gonna say Mourinho is the best I’ve worked under.”

Terry also admits that his favourite childhood toy was a Gordon the gopher teddy bear (see above). He then goes on to admit that his daughter puts make-up on him, he gels his hair because his Chelsea team-mates give him stick if he doesn’t, and – perhaps the most Sun-worthy of all – then offers to take the five-year-old boy to watch Frank Lampard getting massaged.

And to top it all off he then talks about his England career in the past tense, saying: “Well, for England I used to be [shirt number] 5, sometimes 6.”

Read it here. It’s pure gold.

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    There is just all sorts of wrongness going on in that article.