Jose Mourinho’s Special Dugout blueprint

Posted by - February 25, 2009 - Champions League, Italy

The Special One’s pitchside lair
[Click it to enlarge]

Following Jose Mourinho’s post-match comments about his special door, OTP’s imagination ran a bit wild. In case you missed the Special One’s special quote, he said: “My dug-out is a special dug-out. I have a special door in the dug-out that means I can leave directly to the dressing-rooms.”

Any additional features you would like to see added?

  • jijiji

    it doesnt enlarge when you click it

  • Rob Parker

    Apologies – try again now!

  • CR7

    Every manager should have their own personalised secret dugout.

  • Usama

    You forgot to include “Hernan Crespo sits here”

  • Kath

    Shouldn’t there be a little gimp cage for Frank Lampard?