Ken Bates pimps his youngsters to Fabio Capello during dinner

Posted by - February 1, 2009 - England, International, League One

I’ll have Ben Parker to start, and Fabian Delph for my main

The England manager’s job is known to have plenty of downsides, but one that does not necessarily get as much coverage as say the media intrusion or the unrelenting pressure of expectation is the fact that mouthy Santa lookalikes feel the need to ruin your dinner by passing you notes telling you the players from their club that you should be picking.

Ken Bates has revealed that he recently staked a claim for some of Leeds United’s youngsters after happening to dine in the same restaurant as Fabio Capello. Bates said: “I sent him a note to his table with the names of Jon Howson, Fabian Delph, Aidan White and Ben Parker.”

Capello was apparently unclear whether this was the list of the kids who had been naughty or nice, but Delph’s drink driving conviction should settle any debate.