Man Utd fan caught out in almighty Facebook sting by Liverpool fans

Posted by - February 16, 2009 - Liverpool, Manchester United, Oddballs

The dangers of Facebook emerge yet again

Facebook dumpee Michael Chopra or would-be closet racist Sam Deering can both vouch for the dangers posed by the social networking site. But there was nothing either of them could do to help Manchester United fan Stuart Slann who fell victim to a Facebook prank as hilarious as it was heartless, and as superb as it was psychotic!

Stuart had been on holiday to Mexico last November. Staying in the same resort were two Liverpool fans. Friendly banter was initially exchanged, but the Scousers soon grew tired of Stuart’s endless boasting about United. The Liverpool fans also claim that Stuart was generally being a bit of a nuisance and that one man took a swing at him over a comment made to his wife.

One night the Scousers decided enough was enough and demanded that Stuart sing them a few Liverpool anthems. When Stuart refused, the drunken duo (both professional Cage Fighters, by the way) decided to throw their Manc adversary into the pool but in the words of one of them: “we threw him in the shallow end by mistake I thought ‘Shit we’ve killed him’ because he just lay there motionless”. As it turned out they had just done some damage to his ankle.

You would think a possibly broken ankle could be considered revenge for a bit of mouthy Manc attitude, but this pair had other ideas. On their return to the UK they created a fake Facebook (or a Fakebook if you prefer) in the name of “Emma” and tracked down Stuart. In their own words, they “groomed” him for six weeks, starting with a bit of chit-chat and then in “the last two weeks I made him fall in love with me”.

On 31 January it was time for Stuart and Emma to meet-up for a bit of romance. Unfortunately for Sheffield-based Stuart it was a 10-hour drive to Emma’s fictional home north of Aberdeen, but it would be worth it surely? The Scousers got a female friend to adopt a Scottish accent and reassure Stuart before he set off and explain that she would be in work until he arrived so she would only be able to text him.

During the journey, Emma text Stuart complaining of boredom at work and requesting some saucy photos. He duly complied by sending a short video of himself sucking on a pink vibrator. The vibrator had apparently been the subject of much humour to the Scousers during the holiday since Stuart had taken it to Mexico despite travelling alone.

After eventually arriving in Aberdeen and waiting patiently at the deserted farm she where she supposedly lived, Stuart rang Emma to see where she was. He was greeted at the other end of the phone by his two holiday chums. Stuart was not best pleased and (one for the irony spotters) took solace in his Facebook updates! Unsurprisingly, his wife was not impressed either and has now left him.

This video below combines the telephone conversation with “Emma” and Stuart’s saucy snaps.

Spotted on Unprofessional Foul

  • hollis

    If the scallies had jobs they’d not have the time to put together such an elaborate prank.

    Stuart deserves all that comes to him for 1) owning a vibrator and 2) fellating said vibrator.

  • oblong

    hollis.. “PROFESSIONAL cage fighters”
    anti-scouse fool

  • http://facebook phil evans

    it rite lads!!! only scousers av a sense of humour kidda!!! dont mess with SCOUSERS r u get hurt!!!!!!!

  • db

    a Munich and an adulterer… no better than he deserves.

  • Embarrassed

    75% of the replies are obviously from Liverpool supporters. Although not local I have friends who are, and we all believe that this prank is embarrassing to those responsible. Whatever the wrongs or rights of the motive/s of Stuart this does not justify the juvenile behaviour of two scallies (err, sorry, scousers). They may believe that they’re smart but to most educated people they appear to be rather sad. It’s a pity that these two individuals don’t put their energies into something more constructive (a job springs to mind).

  • Colin

    I think he got off lightly, I’d sooner suck a dildo than sing liverpool songs, the workshy scally retards did him a favour

  • Mike

    I think it was class. Love the long post from ‘Embarrassed’ you must be one boring man! or are you that Stuart? lol

    I love the assumption that these fellas dont have a job either, pro cage fighters? is that not a job? tougher than most i expect.

    i think he got what was coming to him anyway and I’m sure his wife appreciated that he’s a low life who’d sleep around and not tell her.

    Nice one lads!

  • Spam Dilly

    Hahaha, class, wind up, you mugs giving it “juvenile behaviour” n that,

  • who cares

    seriously .. you’re wasting bandwidth in the recession for this load of crap? either those two lads were really annoyed by this chap or they had none of the normal worries that people have just getting by day to day. this is a childish prank, seems to me these two idiots need to focus and get a real job and life. sure he may be cheating on his wife … but i’m guessing these two are no angels either .. almost breaking the guys ankle … they couldn’t win a debate so this is their only option.


  • Danny

    Some people are fucking annoying.

    And in this case, it’s the people who seem to be taking offence at the prank!
    Let’s be honest, it’s really REALLY funny.
    People are going out of their way to be offended by this, why?
    “They may believe that they’re smart but to most educated people they appear to be rather sad”… Well, you are a first class cunt my friend. If “most educated people” think this is sad then what do they believe to be clever and funny? A day out at the retirement centre no doubt. Have a beer and chill out for fuck sake.

    On another note, the guys responsible for this piece of sheer brilliance are professional cage fighters so I think they DO have jobs.

    Good work lads, the bastard deserved it for being a cheating dildo-gobbling wanker anyway.

  • Tifosi

    Sounds like this Stuart is a total fuckhead – went on his own to cancun with a dildo.
    Got thrown into a pool for insulting some guys wife and generally being a dickhead.

    Damn right he deserved what he got and well done to those lads for such an elaborate and well executed prank.
    Damn good job!!!

  • Kelly

    Being not that in to footy, i have to say I would eb towards man u, only coz of my hubby. That said i must add, i love mikes response, bang on. Embarassed/Stu, get a life. And why would any man carry on holding a pink cock in his mouth all that time, like that?!?!? Maybe this scam just helped the poor guys wife end a very boring relationship – your meant to move with it Stu. Good luck to his ex, im sure something better is just around the corner, maybe 2 cage wrestlers 😉 xxx

  • Kelly

    PS To blame FB – no no no. Stu the cheating dickhead prat is the only 1 to blame.

  • Andrea

    I think that’s pretty mean to do after they hurt his ankle throwing him in a pool. Some people have to learn when to quit.

  • dawes

    tuff shit munich cunt, shame you didn’t die in the shallow end in the 1st place.

  • dan

    i think everybody knows sumbody like this guy..a glutton for punishment…and always being a dick…or sucking one…

  • paul

    priceless. if carlsberg did wind ups………………………………………. 11 out of 10

  • Josh

    I’m a Man United fan and thats class

  • Kopmke

    Priceless and fully deserved just like the pasting they will take nrxt week at Grayskull

  • http://- coco

    I love the look on Stu’s face. What a Beaut. Well in lads.

  • Carol (LUFC)

    Only just found out about this purely by browsing the web looking for photos of gayboy nancy queen ronaldo to put on my facebook group about hated players……..anyway thats irrelevant. I read this and I watched the video and it was so funny I was crying……….have sent it to everyone I know and put it on my profile – it is absolute quality…..what a fucking twat that scum fan was and how typical that he lived in SHEFFIELD……..just wish he would have been like every other scum wanker and lived down south (or better still abroad)….fair play to the two Liverpool fans!! It was absolute class………

  • daz lufc

    That was fucking brilliant. Top marks to the scouse lads.

  • mark

    are you all stupid the two scousers do have jobs how do ya think they could afford to go mexico. they are professional cage fighters sorry if that makes you jealous while your stuck in your dead end job. scousers on top!

  • Mahoop

    In fairness I would rather be seen sucking a dildo than singing Liverpool songs. All said though this idiot got what he deserved. Nice one on the boys for having the time to put this together. What type of idiot falls in love on Facebonk and then gets caught and looses his wife etc. Don’t believe the cage fighter part though.

  • mark

    im a united fan, but come on people, this is hilarious

  • mark whufc

    maybe all you munich twats wont be so cocky round pool in future. well done to the scouse lads no more than he deserves. ANOTHER WAISTED JOURNEY JUST LIKE ROME!!!! HA HA HA

  • chris


  • http://orange kim

    i,d sooner suck a baboons ars then say the word manure scum bag bastards ya just filth and got everthing you deserve car,nt stop laughing the worlds going to see this well done you mighty reds

  • http://orange kim

    and at the end what if had swine flu that dirty twat will end up with some desease of forgot he as he,s a dirty scum bag bastard c,mon you mighty reds

  • killscousecunts

    I expect nothing better from dirty scouse cunts like these. Typical of the red retards to thing they are really funny cus we are arn’t we eh, funny eh

  • http://aol berny

    better than watching England lose to Germany , but must have cost him a mint infuel to Aberdeen

  • kev moohan

    lads quality that is the fucking best ever i take my hat off to yous hahahahhaaha YNWA MIGHTY RED MEN AT THEIR BEST HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA



  • GGMU

    At least we made it to Rome you twat

  • Lawrencehardy

    Its a pity football is so shite though…