Manchester City fan comes clean about Kaka tattoo

Posted by - February 6, 2009 - Manchester City, Oddballs

Why you should never get a player’s name tattooed before they sign for your club

Actually, scrap that. This is modern football – you’re lucky if a money-grabbing player and his agent hang around for a couple of years of that five-year contract they signed. That is the reason why you shouldn’t get a tattoo featuring a player’s name, this is just plain stupid.

The Sun reports that Manchester City fan Christopher Atkinson, aged 25, was so certain that Kaka would join his club that he got the Brazilian’s name tattooed on his chest. They go on to say that he was “forced into a cover-up when the Brazilian decided to stay in Italy”. Quite how appearing topless in The Sun (don’t think he is on Page 3) constitutes covering up remains unclear.

The barman and TV extra (ah, now I see) said: “Kaka’s one of my favourite players. I got carried away by the emotion of him coming here. I wanted to show off. I just hope we go for him this summer. It’s taken a few weeks to see the funny side. At least I have a permanent reminder of how close City came to signing him.”

Christopher vowed to hang fire next time but was hopeful of getting a Messi tattoo when he joins from Barcelona! I reckon that Kaka one is messy enough.