Michel Platini threatens to close Manchester United academy

Posted by - February 6, 2009 - Manchester City, Manchester United, Oddballs

And he wants to ban Manchester City from European football

Uefa president Michel Platini has sensationally threatened to stifle Manchester United’s acclaimed academy system by promising the city’s best talent to rivals Manchester City. Platini’s comments will come as a shock to the club who won the Champions League in 1999 with seven former academy players in their squad.

Platini said he wanted to curb the number of foreign imports. He added: “That means Manchester City can have all the young players of Manchester. They can work and come to the training centre of City and become Kaka. And they don’t need to buy him for 150million because they have their own school.”

The former France international who, irony fans will observe, shamelessly blocked the progress of young Italian players during his time at Juventus also said he wanted to block City from playing in Europe if their success was bankrolled by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

He said: “I’m finding a system where you can spend what you have. If one Sheikh brings 150million euros for Kaka then you have to put his salary on top of the transfer fee. If the club go over their income with the player’s salary plus fee, they can be banned from our competitions because they don’t respect their budget.

“It’s about a licensing system where clubs spend within their income. Clubs who are banned will be replaced by those further down the table of that country who meet the criteria. It’s not to disturb football but to protect it.”

  • hollis

    How has Platini not had a gag shoved in his mouth yet? Yes it’s frustrating watching clubs operate at a massive loss and win leagues, but City are never going to win the league with audacious spending on star players. Hughes should resign before the meltdown occurs.

    Look to the likes of Everton, Villa, Wigan and West Ham when compared to larger spenders like Tottenham and Man City. Chelsea were already a top 4 club when they morphed into Chelski.

    It’s early days yet in this billionaire owner revolution, but I think it’s going to prove very hard to take a shit team to glory with a massive cash injection before the owners get bored with their new toy.

  • http://www.offthepost.info Rob Parker

    Have to agree on every point, Hollis.

    I had hoped that Platini might provide a breath of fresh air at Uefa to counter the drivel that frequently comes out of FIFA’s mouthpiece, but apparently not.

    And in terms of the billionaire revolution, Abramovich has had limited returns on his substantial investment and, if you believe the murmurs, his interest is waning a little. It takes more than money to build success, as you say.

  • Jonathan Scanlon

    This is an absolute discrace, he and Sep Blater need to just shut up, they are ruining the football game, Academies are all about new talent, we need more of them, what we don’t need is to shut the best ones down.