Should Wayne Rooney walk back into the Man Utd team?

Posted by - February 17, 2009 - Manchester United, Vote

The fit-again striker gets bench slot

Wayne Rooney returns to Manchester United first-team action against Fulham tomorrow, but Sir Alex Ferguson says he will start from the bench. Fergie said: “The plan is for Wayne to be involved and he will start on the bench.” So we’ll expect to see Wazza in the vicinity of the centre-circle come kick-off time.

Rooney comes back from his hamstring strain into a side that has not lost in seven games in his absence. Do you draft someone of Rooney’s talent straight back into the team, or should Man Yoo stick with their winning formula?

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  • Ben C

    I voted yest but it’s really more of a maybe. If it were any other striker (with the exception of Torres) I would say no. Wayne brings such hustle and different aspects into the team. He gets back on defense, he loves setting up other players and like I said he hustles really hard.

    Even though I love Tevez he hasn’t exactly played that great during waynes absence so even though I think Tevez should still start Wayne should come off the bench.

    I think Sir Alex showed that you can earn and win your starting position by keeping Wes in the startling lineup even when G. Neville was back. The other thing is Tevez is an amazing sub so that might push Fergies hand a little.