Slightly obscure rumour: Guus Hiddink was driving Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Real Madrid

Posted by - February 13, 2009 - Chelsea, International, Manchester United, Transfer News and Gossip

Did Chelsea’s new boss try to get C-Ron sold?

This is one of the strangest football rumours we have across for a while. Apparently, there is a murmur going round among Manchester United fans that Guus Hiddink was one of the major players in the protracted Cristiano Ronaldo transfer saga of last summer.

The story goes a bit like this: during the football circus that was Euro 2008, Hiddink was using his position as a big fish in the tournament and a former Real Madrid coach to push talk of Ronaldo’s transfer behind the scenes. Some claim he even went as far as encouraging Ronaldo to make the move. Hiddink was only too happy to be seen by his former bosses to be doing them a favour whereas, in fact, he knew he would be joining Chelsea at same stage down the line and was helping himself out.

Do you buy that? All I know is that Guus playing nicey nice with C-Ron doesn’t tally with his comments that: “Cristiano Ronaldo is a good-looking footballer, he looks fit and, oh yes, his hair is always in place. But him winning the [World Player of the Year] award is too much about glamour.”

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    JaSsiinà iiSs Top!!

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    that isent real it is edited cant you people see that, but ronaldo shouldent have moved to real madrid his real surporters are in old trafford