Steve Staunton is on Chelsea’s shortlist for the permanent manager’s vacancy

Posted by - February 13, 2009 - Chelsea, Football videos

Peter Kenyon stitched up like a kipper on Irish radio

Too funny to be true and yet it is! Irish radio station FM104 managed to bluff their way onto Chelsea chief executive Peter Kenyon’s hotline. The prank caller pretended to be a famous Irish football agent calling at the demand of his client who was desperate to put his name forward for the job. The client turns out to be none other than Steve Staunton.

The Fake Stan soon has Kenyon putting his name on a shortlist for the manager’s job, confirming that they would pay him more than £400,000 a year and ordering a CV by fax or email. Kenyon only rumbles the wind-up when Staunton wants to make sure he would get a monogrammed Chelsea tracksuit with the job!

Spotted on The Spoiler