The Jose Mourinho-Alex Ferguson Wine Wars continue

Posted by - February 25, 2009 - Champions League, Italy, Manchester United

Last night’s match was a corker

Nobody really cared about the outcome of last night’s match between Inter Milan and Manchester United, of course. The most important issues were: who would bring the wine and would it be up to scratch?

For his home leg, Mourinho raced into an early lead. Very early, in fact. He sent a £300 bottle of red wine to Manchester United’s hotel on Monday. Apparently, he also sent a card explaining that he has “a special door in the dug-out that means I can leave directly to the dressing-rooms” and would therefore not be shaking hands with Ferguson post-match!

The Wine Wars date back to 2005 when Mourinho revealed that SAF was not best pleased at the plonk being served up by the Special One.

He said: “After the game on Wednesday we were together in my office and we spoke and drank wine. Unfortunately it was a very bad bottle of wine and he was complaining, so when we go to Old Trafford for the second leg, on my birthday, I will take a beautiful bottle of Portuguese wine.”

Indeed ever since then, the duo have been trying to outdo each other with expensive wines when their teams have met each other.

And when Mourinho left the Chelsea hot-seat in 2007, Ferguson’s first thoughts on the matter were: “I wish him well but I just don’t know what I am going to do with my wine now!”

All eyes are now on the second-leg to see what Fergie has got stashed in his drinks cabinet!

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