The Off The Post World XI

Posted by - February 10, 2009 - Lists, Ranting and Raving

Our pick of the world’s footballing talent

Chris at Twofootedtackle has challenged Off The Post and a host of other football blogs to come up with our World XI. A blog equivalent of a chain letter? Perhaps, but we are suckers for talking football. Now, as you may have noticed, we are not ones for taking the beautiful game too seriously so our World XI would probably look a bit like this:

But, in the interest of fair play, we thought we better compile our thoughts on the best players in the world too…

A bit about my team: It’s not a great deal like I imagined it would look like, but here we go. Iker Casillas just about gets the nod over Edwin Van Der Sar purely on the basis that there three-quarters of United’s back-four is in the team and Iker does a fantastic job with a defence that is not as rocksteady as Edwin’s.

I thought about removing a United defender or two to avoid it looking like a cop out, but I honestly don’t think there is anyone playing as well in their positions at the minute.

I was going to stick to the trusty 4-4-2, but there is such a splendid array of midfield talent available at the moment that I couldn’t resist. And let’s face it, goals shouldn’t be a problem with Steven Gerrard, Kaka, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in midfield. I don’t think this side needs a holding player, but Gerrard is capable of playing there if necessary and Xavi could always drop deep and create play from there.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic was a strong contender to go up front but my decision to go with just one striker (plus the fact his name didn’t fit on the graphic properly) meant Fernando Torres got the nod.

I’m trying to think of people Chris hasn’t already tagged with this, so I’ll go for:
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Blog-less readers, please leave your thoughts/teams as comments below.

  • Chris

    Very attacking, I like it.

    I agree on Gerrard – I reckon if he could sit there spraying passes about he’d be a real asset.

    My only trouble with it might be that it wastes his workrate and attacking runs, but let’s be honest you kinda have that covered with the other four anyway.

    Nice work!

  • beatownbeaner11

    This World XI attacks more than me at the all you can eat buffet….

    If the need for 2 forwards just move messi up to send it to attacking overload

  • hollis

    Goodwillie/Fuchs should prove a good strike combo. Fuchs/Dikov should be able to get some clean balls in to the box, while Fukal/Fanni should be able to push up from the rear.

    A bit unsure about the central mid combo of Amedick/Pinas. Their too similar to one another to come off well together, just look to Lampard/Gerrard. I’d drop either one and stick in Mario Licka.

    All told it’s a pretty dynamic attacking force.

    Much better than the second teamsheet, which so far as I can tell is Mark Hughes’ transfer targets.

  • Rob Parker


    A contender for best comment in Off The Post’s short history!

    It’s not Mark Hughes’ transfer targets or Roque Santa Cruz would be in every position.

    Of course, you stop short of putting your money where your mouth is, sir….

  • allez-les-bleus

    why is fuchs in the front goal but also on the wings

  • Rob Parker

    Different Fuchs, allez.

  • Daniel

    is this your top XI as chosen on footbo?? I guess we need to add the pics of those missing players! Great deciding reason for picking Torres, and I am a fan of the midfield you chose. You know you can take your top XI as a widget right?! much more aesthetic 😉

  • dp

    And where, pray tell, is Kuntz in all of this?

  • Rob Parker

    dp > it was only current players listed on the platform I was using, which was Footb(cough)

    Daniel> Footbo? Never heard of it. Will I forward your details to our advertising team? 😉

  • ben c

    I agree for the most part except I would have Edwin in goal because he’s the best distributor of the ball. I would also take xavi out and replace him with Essien. Since Essien is out for the season I guess I would go with Marco Senna.

  • riuman arsenal

    I like arsenal now best player is messi