Top 10 conclusions Champions League last 16 matches 25 February

Posted by - February 26, 2009 - Champions League, Conclusions, Lists

1. If Rafael Benitez really is going to be sacked before the weekend, that was quite a way to go out!

2. It is reassuring to clarify that Juande Ramos can’t manage against English teams.

3. Guus Hiddink’s magic is showing no signs of wearing off just yet.

4. I think we can safely pencil Bayern Munich through to the quarter-finals after their 0-5 away win at Sporting Lisbon.

5. That said, is it really necessary for them to become ‘Five-star Bayern’ in every single match report? I’m going to award them one constellation.

6. I wanted to conclude that Yossi Benayoun persistently jinks his way into decent positions and then passes to the wing instead of taking a shot, but as he scored the winner I don’t think it is quite so valid now.

7. All square in the Sounds-Like-A-Uefa-Cup-Match-But-Actually-It’s-A-Champions League match between Villarreal and Panathinaikos.

8. Franck Ribery was like a cartoon hero forcing his enemies to collide with each as they chased him! Quite apt for someone who has been made into a cartoon.

9. Salomon Kalou is turning into a very decent player for Chelsea. For a while I thought he was destined to be a poor man’s Malouda, but he seems to have got his act together.

10. I’m going to arrange for Titus Bramble to visit Sporting Lisbon to give some defensive master-classes.

  • Alan

    Last nights matches were last 16 matches not the quarter finals hence the fact that there were 8 matches spread over 2 nights tuesday and wednesday!!!!

  • boulder dash

    don’t be so harsh on sporting, we have a big league clash coming up next weekend and yesterday our boys just didn’t bother to make an effort against those poor german gents…

  • allez-les-bleus

    franck ribery roadrunner is cool