Top 10 conclusions Premier League weekend 7-8 February

Posted by - February 9, 2009 - Conclusions, Lists, Premier League

1. Liverpool without Torres = losers. Liverpool with Torres = winners. Rafa might want to make sure he has someone to rotate in before he starts leaving Nando and Dirk Kuyt out on a regular basis.

2. Perhaps “0-0 to the Arsenal” is now a more fitting chant.

3. Sorry to conclude the same thing two weeks running, but United are continuing to win the games that their rivals would have drawn (we will go out on a limb and say 0-0) and that is what will win them the league.

4. Ryan Giggs can still be a matchwinner on his day. What a great goal from the old man!

5. Emmanuel Eboue can have no complaints about his red card against Spurs. You could see him mouthing off to Mike Dean after every decision, so he was bound to get booked sooner or later. And if you’re on a yellow card, don’t deliberately kick people.

6. The biggest surprise coming out of the Newcastle-West Brom match is that it took Joe Kinnear’s blood pressure this long to get dangerously high. He was absent, but the Magpies bagged a vital result.

7. Maybe Mark Hughes just isn’t great at handling Brazilians! Manchester City flop Jo scored twice as many goals on his Everton debut as he had managed in his stay at Eastlands since August. And he created another goal with a splendid dive.

8. Save of the weekend: Danny Pugh’s wonderful goalkeeping skills against Sunderland for Stoke. Take a bow Rob Styles.

9. Hopefully Arsene Wenger will deploy his new big-money signing soon before he acquires the nickname Arsplinters.

10. Middlesbrough are looking in serious trouble. No win in 13 matches for them now.

  • Ab

    “and Dirk Kuyt out on a regular basis.”

    Oh so after making fun of Kuyt and undermining his contribution for almost two years, you consider him vital to Liverpool?

  • Rob Parker

    Well, if the alternative is N’Gog then yes. It’s better for a striker to work his socks off and not score any goals than just not score any goals.

  • Zekky

    And Bendtner still stinks…Eboue sending off ruined the chance for Eduardo & Arshavin appearances!!

  • Ab

    And how many minutes did N’gog play this season?

  • Rob Parker

    183 so far.

  • Ab

    you forgot to mention that most of those minutes are 10 minute cameos