Top 10 conclusions Spain 2-0 England

Posted by - February 12, 2009 - Conclusions, England, International, Lists

1. At least the second goal helped to further demonstrate the technical gulf that was evident throughout.

2. England looked like the new kids on the block showing off Uncle Fabio’s plan for controlled possession, which worked fine until they actually tried to go anywhere outside their own half. Spain, by contrast, were comfortable on the ball throughout the team, could keep possession and attack at the same time, and were generally a cut above.

3. David Beckham was pretty awful on his record-equalling cap, one beautiful ball to Shaun Wright Phillips and a through-ball to Carlton Cole aside. He misplaced a lot of passes, particularly in his first 20 minutes on the pitch, and ran around a lot (in the headless chicken way rather than the drive the team on a la Greece way).

4. SWP was England’s best player by far, but that wasn’t saying a great deal.

5. Spain’s first goal was top class – pure brilliance from David Villa. The second was woeful – pure schoolboy defending from England and particularly Matthew Upson.

6. Another near David James howler as he dropped a simple catch. And then proceeded to jog back into goal with his hand in the air apparently oblivious to the continuing danger.

7. Gabriel Agbonlahor was largely ineffective on his debut (read entirely ineffective), but he wasn’t exactly playing in a side that was creating a lot of chances.

8. Stewart Downing finally delivered a dangerous set-piece for England. That free-kick nearly took Joan Capdevilla’s nose off as it smacked into the wall.

9. I thought Fernando Torres would get on the scoresheet, but I didn’t realise it would be Fernando Llorente Torres with his first goal for Spain!

10. During lulls in the game it was difficult not to hum the ‘Allo ‘Allo theme tune at the sight of Vicente Del Bosque.

  • Phil

    We were taught a lesson in how to hold on to the ball. We certainly lack basic passing and ball control skills. Xavi was the real difference.

    SWP was our best player? Ok, I run the Bring Back Beckham site so I’m going to be biased but I thought Becks made a big difference. He set up out two best chances in the game. You try and brush these two incidents under the carpet but they are facts. Goals win games. Spain scored two goals from two mistakes. A bad pass by Jagielka and a mistake by Terry. We could have scored two goals both created (yes, “created”) by Beckham. You’ve clearly made your opinion about him and it shows in your analysis. Just seen the highlight of the second chance, watch it again, he ain’t passed it and whilst he is playing well and deserves a place in the team I hope he’s included in the England squad.

    Generally England need to improve. We need to learn how to hold on the ball better, gain ability and confidence to pass the ball through our opposition. Let’s hope Capello learns from this game and we improve in our next game.

  • OmegaSupreme

    11) For the love of god put David Pleat out to pasture. In fact sort your whole team out Itv. Roots to Branch.

  • Rob Parker

    Phil > I’ve been full of praise for Beckham in recent weeks so I’m certainly not part of any Beckham witch-hunt. It seemed to me he was trying to hard, as I said, especially for the first 20 minutes after half-time.

    Omega > I watched the Spanish coverage, which included a 2-minute discussion on the beauty of David Beckham while he warmed up on the sidelines! I would have killed for a Pleatism or two!!!

  • ashlee vance

    Great, a Becky nuthugger sitting naked at his Ubuntu driven computer pleasuring himself to underwear ads one desktop and writing mean comments to people who say naughty things about your precious.
    THere really is nothing I can add to this man. I think you speak for who you really are.

    As for pretty boy, I’ve had a chance to see his flawed and limited game up close the past two years in the US. The only thing world class about him aside from the marketing machine are his FKs. Which means he is a little more than a Rory Delap.
    A field goal kicker.

  • scoutfree

    I don’t think english comments while match can be much worse to the ones we had to suffer in Spain, including the debate about Beckham’s beauty and lots of adverts all the time. Furthermore, someone should tell TVE1 that in football matches you’re supposed to follow the ball, not not offer continous close-ups on any player that has touched it. I don’t think it’s so hard to broadcast a match like it’s mean to be, we just want to watch the game!
    Greetings from Spain!

  • Flights To Alicante

    Well to be honest I think England were indeed outclassed but to say we were that poor is a slight injustice. Sure we did not have a great number of chances and at times we were taken apart by Spain, I would say that we kept the balls quite nicely and DID get in some good positions on occasions only for the likes of Heskey to squander them or go down in a heap looking for a penalty.