When Tottenham said the Arsenal match was going to be hard…

Posted by - February 6, 2009 - Arsenal, Oddballs, Tottenham

…we didn’t know this was what they had in mind!

Derby matches can often be occasions for a rush of blood to the head, but in Robbie Keane and David Bentley’s case the blood seems to have rushed elsewhere. The Spurs pair seem to be enjoying the pre-match preparation despite Harry Redknapp’s squad being down to the bare bones and up against stiff opposition in the shape of Arsenal.

Spotted on The Spoiler

  • Sid Ders

    Stiff opposition?, what Arsenal?…..don’t think so!!!!

  • LeoH

    Yeah Spurs!
    Hah, that makes for a rather original footie pic.

  • jamal

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