Anderson’s mysterious ghost arm

Posted by - March 3, 2009 - EFL Cup, Manchester United, Oddballs

Watch out, kids

If you thought the most disturbing thing to come out of the Carling Cup final was that Cristiano Ronaldo got booked for diving on the one occasion when he didn’t actually dive, think again. OTP has spotted a mysterious figure on the arm of Manchester United midfielder Anderson. The strange sketch seems to be of a ghost of bogeyman-type figure.

We would love to tell you that the tattoo is an artist’s impression based on Anderson’s childhood psychiatric notes, but that would be a big, fat lie. If anyone knows the real story behind it, let us know.

  • Tone

    I’ve been told it is an outline of a map, either of Brazil or South America.

  • Rob Parker

    Thanks for that theory, Tone. Any advance on a country with eyes?!

  • John

    I thought it looked like Australia at first glance.

  • Jim

    the bottom half is Australia for sure

  • http://nil dan kuyambana

    I think it’s a map of my village in Takum,taraba state,nigeria where Ando came from.

  • Markey boy

    Its the outline of africa

  • Dave

    It’s a map of the world, australia is clearly visible at the bottom with South America top right and South-East Asia and Russia Far left, presumable it goe all the way around his arm and higher up.

  • Jan

    Its a really bad tatoo

  • Sammo Shakspeer

    if you go to this site you can see it properly.

    its a map of the world. it was done by a tattoo studio in urmston, manchester called 72 tattoo. they also did rooney’s and wes brown’s tattoo. check them out, you’ll be impressed

  • dave

    its an outline of countries,and it never got finished cos he was a bitch and couldnt handle it so only had the outline done

  • berno

    he gets every country he has played football in tattooed on his arm