Argentinian referee sends off 18 players

Posted by - March 25, 2009 - Football videos, South America

And they were all from the same club!

Videos of riots breaking out at Argentinian football matches are about as rare as Liverpool goals at the minute. But there are not too many that involve an entire team leaving the pitch to fight a battle with opposition fans in the stands. That is exactly what happened at the During an Argentinian Primera C league match between Barracas Bolivar and General Lamadrid.

With 60 minutes on the clock and home side Barracas winning 3-0, a fight broke out in the stands between Barracas fans and non-playing General Lamadrid squad members. The away side’s players – only too eager to escape the drubbing they were receiving – ran off the pitch to get a piece of the action.

Riot police had to be brought in to break up the slapping and pushing. Once that had calmed down, referee Lucas Di Bastiano (the Bastiano in the black?) showed red cards to all 11 General Lamadrid players and seven substitutes.

They will have to book a pretty big venue for that disciplinary hearing!

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  • Usama

    What happens if they’re all suspended for the next few games?

  • Rob Parker

    They have to rely on their reserve and youth players.

    I suppose, if they were clever, they can use the system and appeal some of the cards but not others. Then at least some first-teamers would be available.