Arsenal could impose Cesc Fabregas ban

Posted by - March 23, 2009 - Arsenal

Spaniard’s wardrobe faces the boot

Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood has suggested new club rules could be brought in to avoid a repeat of the Cesc Fabregas spitting row. He has voiced concerns over the appearance and conduct of non-playing Gunners on matchdays, and could ban casual clothing as a result of the incident.

Hill-Wood was unimpressed with Fabregas’ decision to venture onto the pitch, especially dressed in a leather hooded jacket and jeans. He said: “I have to say that I wasn’t impressed with those pictures that appeared. We ought to look at that. And I don’t think it is a good idea for players who have not been involved in the game to go on the pitch at the end.”

He added that he believed Arsene Wenger would now look at introducing a matchday dress code for players not involved in the match.

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  • http://none Jack D

    Its not a good thing to listen to Phil Brown. He is a minime of Hitler.

  • Terence McGovern

    Somebody should remind this dinosaur that at best he is a figurehead and at worst he is a defunct concept at Arsenal. With less than 1 % of the sharholding his presence on the board let alone his chairmanship is at the forbearance of others. Comments like this from within at a time when all other elements are finallty pulling together will not help his long term situation. In fact it is stupid comments like this on issues that he has no need to get involved in that will eventually see him off the board and on his bike .

  • Richard

    Hillwood can s*d off and go back under the stone he came from.

  • http:/// online recruitment

    Odd – I see no issue with non players going on the pitch – has Hill Wood forgotten the scenes from Anfield 89!

  • gbenga

    Perhaps d chairman would impose lights out to show he’s in charge of d team! Arrant nonsense. U protect ur players not castigate ’em esp in tabloids. As if d retarded chairman could even kick d shit of a goat. Nice outfit Cesc.

  • Anonymarse

    I don’t know why everyone is slagging off PH-W for a few mild, conciliatory comments. I’d much rather have a chairman showing some class and dignity than that rent-a-quote Hull City non-entity who has been wheeled out all over the media this week. There was as much implied criticism of Hull as anything in the quote above.

    Oh, and full marks to this site for most mis-leading headline of the day.

  • brian

    Is the chairman who shows class and dignity not the very same one who has been known to be carried legless onto the plane following several Champions League away games.