Arsene Wenger’s Top Five horror tackles (with video)

Posted by - March 6, 2009 - Arsenal, Football videos, Lists

Horror tackles – stamp them out

Arsene Wenger (and the Arsene Wenger Appreciation Society) has been given considerable soapbox space today. Among the issues he has raised is a potential clampdown on horror tackles.

He said: “I have seen some horrible tackles this season and I don’t think the punishment is sufficient. Kevin Nolan’s tackle on Victor Anichebe the other week was horrendous… It concerns me when I see someone jumping in like a mad guy as we have some players who weigh 90 kilos and can run the 100 metres in 11 seconds. If they jump in they completely destroy an opponent.”

OTP couldn’t agree more. So allow us to guide you through Arsene Wenger’s top five horror tackles – prime examples of the sort of thing we don’t want to see in our game anymore.

1. Thierry Henry on David Weir

2. Emmanuel Eboue on Patric Evra

3. Robin Van Persie on Thomas Sorensen

4. Robin Van Persie on Alen Orman

5. Abou Diaby on John Terry

Patrick Vieira omitted because he would need his own list (and his horror tackles were largely pre-YouTube!).

  • jimbo

    what a pathetic excuse for an article. I can tell you not one of those videos resulted in a player being injured, other than john terry who we can all agree was not fouled by diaby. you put your head there you’re asking for trouble in a crowded area.

    why not show the actually horror tackles like taylor, nolan, cattermole, neill?

  • Gunnar

    4 and 5 = totally unintentional.

    3 is stupid but hardly career threatening.

    2 is reckless, and stupid. No excuses.

    1 is admittedly a bad challenge, but nearly 10 years old FFS.

    So what’s the point in this list?

  • johann

    hahahahah what a pathetic article + website

  • gunnerX

    Where are the horror tackles you muppet? Complete and utter nonsense

  • arsenalforlife

    Wenger never said anything about it only applying to clubs other than arsenal so whats your point?

  • Ala

    I like arsenal but there’s no point trying to berate Rob because he found some pretty bad challenges. I’d never seen that Henry tackle, that was terrible.

    “What’s your point?”
    – His point is that Wenger’s saying one thing while his players are doing the exact opposite. Muppets.


  • Mike

    Rob Parker you are a muppet. There is a serious side to it and you try to make a joke out of it. These video are not horror tackles as you claim, compared to the tackles that Wenger was referring to.

    Why not put on this web site videos of the broken legs that arsenal players received because of so called expects advising to “Get into their faces”? Oh that would make you look stupid (which you are) and Wenger look sensible.

  • Rob Parker

    “Off The Post is the excellent football blog dedicated to providing you with a humorous and irreverent look at the beautiful game.”

    That’s our current mandate. I’ll consider the possibility of an ‘Arsenal Broken Legs Video Gallery’ should we ever expand to that sort of thing.

    Cheers to Ala (the voice of reason).

  • beatownbeaner11

    * contemplates following this website*

  • Collie

    Haha what a bunch of whining gooners!!! Its a joke ffs, get over it and see the funny side. After all Arsenal are officially in the top 3 dirty teams in the prem.

  • Usama

    I think following the comments on the “voyeur” article, the Arsenal fans posting here have just confirmed that they have no sense of humour.

  • Gunner = that guy

    Love it. Arsenal fanboys need to lighten up and learn how to take a joke. Not everything is life and death.

    Sometimes i forget why I hate Van Presie….and then I get reminded over and over….

  • Danno

    Why are people getting so worked up? You’ve got to be able to laugh at yourself (and your club) so that you can laugh properly at other people and other clubs. If I got hacked off every time someone makes a joke about Portsmouth (admittedly, very infrequently – it’s just that no-one cares about us) then I don’t think I’d be able to enjoy the other jokes.

  • Anon

    Where did Arsene say his players should be exempt from any such ruling, so what is the point of this article. Ho yeah rite, it’s a joke about a serious issue, just a bit of light hearted banter.

  • Mohamed S.

    Even Usama bin Laden thinks the gooners should lighten up. 8D

  • Jamie dad’s uncle

    Yeah get into them lot down the road. Tottenham will rise again moahahah. As we say in spursish: din heimsida suger sååå fett att jag somnar om.

    Good night

  • MAL

    Pathetic article dude. Arsene Wnger is trying to stop all those tackel, and you trying to counter that? HUH!
    1 and 2 ok i`ll give you that, but the others. PATHETIC ARTICLE

  • steve

    The funny thing is not so much how pathetic this article is (4 of those 5 were just plain clumsiness, not intentional tackles), but that if this were posted with Man United in place of Arsenal, we all know the United fans would be clogging up the comments with worthless, whiny drivel as well. If you insult anybody’s team, you’re gonna get abused, it has nothing to do with Arsenal fans specifically.

  • Arsene Wenger Loves the Cock is a fucking cuntbucket.