Brazilian footballer forced to train in a dress

Posted by - March 24, 2009 - Oddballs, South America

Cross-dresser with interest in football? Sounds like Ronaldo’s perfect man!

Training session forfeits are not uncommon in football. Who can forget David James and his Robin Reliant? Still, enforced cross-dressing is a new one on us.

Brazilian side Figueirense have introduced a pink dress forfeit. Coach Roberto Fernandes gets out-of-form players to train in a girl’s frock. The initiative is credited with a change in fortune of midfielder Jairo who is wearing the dress above.

Fernandes claims Jairo put in his best performance for the club in the next match after wearing the dress. Should be a good incentive for the other players to stay on top of their game!

This is a news report on Figueirense’s transvestite fun.

Spotted on ONTD via Unprofessional Foul