Charlton Athletic fans asked to put down £20 deposit for relegation DVD

Posted by - March 31, 2009 - Championship

Want to relive relegation?

Championship relegation-certs Charlton Athletic are asking fans whether they would like a DVD made to watch their disastrous season over and over again. The Addicks traditionally put out an end-of-season highlights package, but this season has been so bad that the League One-bound side are asking fans to pay up front if they want the DVD!

Rick Everitt, head of club development, said: “In the club’s current circumstances it’s not something that we are able to take a loss on. I am also very keen that anything we do produce is of a good enough standard to sit alongside the DVDs we have made over the last decade or so.

“But it’s not a cheap process to collate and edit the material to a professional standard.”

Sadistic supporters who do want to cherish the memories are being asked to part with £20 to fund the production of the DVD.

Valley season ticket holder Adam Crosher, 24, told The Sun: “Highlights? What highlights? I know some fans collect end-of-season compilations. But the club might as well forget about bringing out a DVD and just produce a postcard of January’s home win against Palace — as that was about the only highlight. Who in their right mind would want to see through this season again?”