Dirk Bikkembergs is cruel to Italian footballers

Posted by - March 26, 2009 - Italy, Oddballs

Fashion designer keeps ‘ballers as pets

As a big-name fashion designer (certainly in terms of length) there are all sorts of people you can trample over. Kids in Indonesian sweatshops, coked-up supermodels, the gullible people who would walk around in a wire wool loin cloth if you told them it was fashionable. But German designer Dirk Bikkembergs has shunned the usual suspects to play God with the lives of lowly Italian footballers.

In his latest experiment, Bikkemburgs has taken a footballer from Italian football’s seventh tier and set him up in a Big Brother-style house within the Bikkembergs department store. Brera’s Andrea Vasa is the man who sold his soul to fashion.


The defender has been handed a Serie A lifestyle: his luxury Milan city centre apartment, a Porsche 911, free Bikkembergs clobber. The downside? Brera’s in-store flat is fitted with 15 windows through which curious customers can watch him going about his daily business. If a particularly nosy customer decides to ring his doorbell, he has to let them in and show them his fine array of Bikkembergs goods. He cannot refuse entry no matter what he was up to.

The footballer in the fish bowl has been handed back one scrap of dignity though. The window into his bathroom is papered up with copies of Gazzetta dello Sport.


This is not the first time Bikkembergs has dabbled with Italian amateur footballers. Oh no, he already owns a lowly non-league team. The story goes that when a model failed to turn up for a photoshoot, Bikkembergs drafted in a warehouse worker from his Fossombrone base in 2000. The warehouse worker also happened to be the captain of FC Fossombrone.

The two obviously hit it off because Bikkembergs began regularly using the team’s players in his work. He eventually bought the club in 2005, and then began making them his on-field guinea pigs with kits (and poses) like this one:

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