Dive of the week: Morten Gamst Pedersen against Arsenal

Posted by - March 16, 2009 - Arsenal, Blackburn Rovers, Football videos

Make that dive of the season

This is probably painful viewing for Blackburn fans, but it is hilarious for the rest of us. Morten Gamst Pedersen tries to cheat his way to being awarded a penalty against Arsenal on Saturday, but it is safe to say that an acting career probably doesn’t await when he hangs up his boots.

The Norwegian runs away from goal, clearly turns around to see whether Bacary Sagna is nearby and then falls to the ground. There is no contact at all. Nothing.

  • saminator

    like the commentators say, it’s the worst dive you could ever witness but what i wanna ask is What Happened To The Ref; why didnt he punish the diver. i can tell you as an arsenal fan that were it to be a gunner doing the dive, he would have been punished right away!

  • nickynicknick

    He should be ashamed of himself and ‘fess up to the fans before he spoils he previously good name.

  • Goonercanuck

    All to be expected from someone who plays for Sam Allardyce. Bunch of cheats.

  • Adrianne

    ok first of all…
    They were losing. Big time. what would you do in a desperate situation when your team is losing 4-0?

    You would try to score!
    so mister Goonercanuck you can go screw yourself your probably a fat old man who can’t play soccerinthe first place!