Emmanuel Adebayor’s Top 10 YouTube quotes

Posted by - March 9, 2009 - Arsenal, Lists

The genius of Ade’s YouTube channel

In case you missed it, over the weekend we brought you the latest offering from mynameisadebayor, Emmanuel Adebayor’s YouTube channel, in which he showed off his credentials as a potential Top Gear host while discussing comparisons between him and Nwankwo Kanu.

The discovery was a hit among some OTP regulars because all of Adebayor’s videos are pure gold. So as he is our new hero, we thought we would compile some of his finest quotes for you. They are after the jump.

1. “As soon as you put a new shin-guard or a new boot and you have a game and you score a hat-trick, or you score a good goal, or you do something special in the game, I think, that shoe or that shin-guard must become your superstition. You must keep that forever.

2. “Yeah! It’s again me, and I’m sorry maybe I’m disturbing you [winks], but I don’t think so.”

3. “Under it [a tattoo] you can see I put ‘Only God can judge me’. And what I can see today in today’s world is most of the people and a lot of people are trying to judge people, which is not correct. So you are not my creator, you are not the one, you are not the people who create me, so they have to leave the choice to the Almighty God to judge me.”

4. “Please, if you see me, don’t ask me for the shin-guard. I’ll not give it to you.”

5. “I just wanna tell you that tonight you have been great with our team. You were supporting until the end of the game. We won, and you can imagine how tired I am now so, to be honest, I’m very, very tired.”

6. “I know most of the people are curious about my tattoo. Why and what’s the reason of me having a tattoo? And to be honest, it’s so easy to explain.”

7. “And a baby angel [tattoo] because I’m still a baby boy and I’m enjoying my life.”

8. “If I can have a career like Kanu, I’ll be very happy. Even if I can do more, and I know I have ability to do a little bit better than maybe he does.”

9. “And I have a big one [tattoo, presumably]. That one is private and I’m not showing you that one.”

10. “Stars. We always need the stars. To be good, to be bright, whatever: we need the stars.”

  • Ala

    His channel is brilliant. I want to see a good accented rant about his misfortunes sometime.

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    Found this blog by chance, and did not expect such a cracking read! Bookmarked.