Fat Ronaldo can’t promise he has quit the trannies

Posted by - March 16, 2009 - Oddballs, South America

Originaldo faces temptation

Spherical footballer Ronaldo has poured cold water over talk of a comeback to the big-time after two goals in two games for new club Corinthians by refusing to even lie about kicking his partying habits. A brave journalist brought up the subject of the time Ronaldo accidentally picked up two transvestite prostitutes (only the transvestite bit was accidental, you understand).

The interviewer asked: “So, will you stop visiting those clubs and bars now?” The chubby one signalled his lukewarm intentions of getting back to his best as he replied: “Of course I will try. But I’m only human.”

  • http://www.trulyreds.com ManUTD Lover

    I don’t know what to say!

    Ronaldo said he wants to play in World Cup 2010! … as you said he can lie to the press…but will this work?.. Football clubs in Brazil are unlike the ones in Europe, he would lose much weight if he was still playing in Europe…but with this extra fat in his body, his dream may go with the wind!

    cheers mate

  • aqib

    the man is still a legend 7goals 5 game look at his other records he still got it one thing its so harsh he had to put on all the weight and break the legs out of all the players in the world he really should come to england tbh he would be the best there